Rolling out the past

It was a ragged dusty cardboard box with the lid folded shut that I have moved from house to house where I lived. So while I was putting some order to how neatly I could stack the cardboard boxes, this one was different. No bar codes, no shipping labels just some worn corners and my initial on one end.

So I had to unfold the lid, which decided to tear in laces, so we were going to have to find a new box or deal with what was in it. Well most of it was headed for the trash can, but a few items did stick out.


family art

Both of my parents were very talented and creative in their own way. I have shown you a picture my Mother made in High School, which you see above. But this was not all she made, but is the first example I have of her art ability. Watercolor and oil paintings have since followed. Some of which are sandwiched among my Art that hangs on the walls in my house.

dewin-rosebBut I did not have any examples of how creative my Father was. Oh of course their was a famous drag car, which you see a picture of. Out of a small inline 6 cylinder motor, he pushed am almost 2 ton car to speeds of 105 mph in 13 seconds in just a quarter mile. 1320 feet for those of you who like numbers.  But I did not have something small until now.

piston art

piston art

What you are looking at is a aluminum cast piece, that my Father made out of some pistons from some airplane during WWII. Never did ask why or where he made this, but being a resourceful Navy Seabee (United States Naval Construction Forces) during the war, who knows where this could of been made.

So now that I have this anchor thing in my possession, I will be on the look for other metal items that my talented Father made. I know somewhere their is a small hammer that he made for my Mother for her to use in the house. It stayed in the “collect all” drawer for many years in the kitchen. I need to go look for that some day.

Next time we meet, I will show you what else I found in the box…..


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