Meet R. J. Scoprie

Well today I would like to have you meet the characters that are going to be in my new book of selected mysteries. Of course it is going to revolve around the confidential investigator who shall be called “Scoprie.”  So for those of you that need him to have a formal name, we will give him some letters to solve that problem. I like the letters “R J” myself, so that is what he will call himself. R. J. Scoprie is what he is also going to answer when called.

Of course all confidential investigators have to have some friends and Scoprie is no exception. His close friend that he will spend a lot of his time with is the states leading prosecuting attorney. Being the states prosecuting attorney he will have jurisdiction over the local authority.

They will not only be friends on a professional level, but also live near each other in the community. That way they will have some ties to community affairs also. So this state attorney will be called “Azur Stato.” But for a nickname he will be called Aquila (Eagle) for short.

But rounding out the list of the close friends is a private lawyer. He of course is famous in his community and will have the name of “Giusta”. Right now the first name will be Anthony which will be shortened to “Tony.”

Being a 3rd generation native of California, the story will take place in California. but woven into the stories will be some of the local folklore that only a native would know. So that way it might become a short history lesson. If you do a search bunches of them show up. Also in my family we had an uncle that all of a sudden dissapeared and we might speculate what happened there.

So that’s the way it is on March the first 2017.


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