Just one

just one

“just one” wood carving shop photo

“Just one” is the title of my newest wood carving. Right now here in Corona California its 46 degrees with rain in the forecast. So while the sun was shining, I was out in the work shop carving away at the new project. The project is purposely oversize because my hands are also a bit oversize.


“just one”

While this carving is made form the favorite basswood, it is also in-laied with some walnut to give the piece interest. Of course these photos show a work in progress taken right in the workshop. It is always good to have some pictures of the work in progress, just in case you would like to show someone the steps involved.


Heart shaped bowl

When finished it is just supposed to be a stand alone art piece. While my bowls will have some function (place to put your key’s and loose change) this will just have to sit on someone’s coffee table. I first think of the carving, then decided what it will actually be.

So that’s it for today, the sun is not out and I don’t feel in a creative mood. I will perhaps work on some of one of the mysteries that are in the works for my book that I am writing.



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