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Art in Main postcard

So it was Thursday night in Lake Elsinore and I was rolling around on my new (to me) scooter. It was time for the new 2nd Thursday of the month Art event. While I have been taking a rest from the usual Saturday night “Art on Main.” For my type of art (wood carving) being in total darkness was not a good match. With some of the allowable lights that we could use, I decided to wait for the time to change.

So while I had the first busking permit, I needed to take a break. The requirement that you had to be there 3 weekends a month did pose some creative juggling if you were also in other art groups that had meetings on Saturday’s. But like water, things tend to level out.

In my humble opinion, it seemed that more people were out on last Thursday than on some Saturday’s. Of the people who I passed out the postcards (provided by the city) liked the idea of it being once a month.

I did talk to some of the artists and others.

33-9-2017 (3)

Nancy McGraw

One of the artists was Nancy McGraw. I liked her little banner and being able to tap into the city’s electricity did help make things more visible.

33-9-2017 (2)

Art on Main sign

Also a new addition I noticed was some wooden sign boards set out on the sidewalk. I think these sign boards are a good thing because it tells passing cars what is happening. Not sure at what time they are placed, but it would be nice if they were there all day on the Thursday in question.

Of course we did see a lot of Studio 395 people/artists there also. Rhonda was there with her Mother sampling some of the Mexican food. The new pizza restaurant is moving along, which might be open by next month. Did see some new faces that were over in the dirt lot along with some of the regulars who are also in the dirt lot.

While I am in the flute making mode right now, I may come back to this Thursday once a month thing and maybe set up a small table with my flutes. While my Native American style flutes take some time to make, I thought I would maybe play them while I sat there.

Of course I did talk to a guy named Rob, that was at Guadalajara restaurant that was helping with the mixing board for the music there. They tell me “Lindo” was playing music there.

So what was my over all opinion? I think this once a month “Art on Main” could move into being a positive thing for all involved.




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