Not all art is in a frame

While some people may think of a painting hanging on a wall somewhere when the 3 letter word “ART” is mentioned. But in fact art can be in many forms. Everything from houses, sculpture, buildings, clothing and glass blowing to name a few.


My first flute that I play

So recently I have become fascinated by the simplicity of a flute. From the closed kind that you blow some air across as in a pan-flute to the more complicated metal manufactured kind you find in an orchestra. Of course the actual flute itself is very old and  if you need that information you can look it up.

While in my youth I was exposed to the reed instruments like clarinet and saxophone. While these were nice and I did actually get fairly good at them, it was not what I wanted to do at the time. Because about this time a sport called “drag racing”was becoming popular. Not only was my own family involved in the sport, some of the more famous racers would show up at our house from time to time. Sometimes with their race cars, sometime without. Yes the car’s had the edge and would be a big part of my life.

Well to my Mothers disappointment the music in the house (at least my room) was replaced with some new music called “rock and roll.” But I was bitten by the “car bug” and me playing music was put on the back burner.

So after at least 50 some years, I have now discovered the flute again. But this time it is me and my wood working skills that are making the flutes. I took a class in how to make a Native American style flute and that was all it took. So I just copied a few of them over the years and all was good.


PVC flute that actually plays

But recently I have been looking at some videos on how others make flutes. So while you can make a flute out of plastic PVC, the use of wood is not only more challenging, but the sound is superior.

3-11-2017 (2)

Starting with some square basswood

So while you can use most any wood, I have decided to use some basswood because I will be carving on the flute when I am done and it plays like I want. I am also almost making the flute using hand tools. Just using saws to cut the wood to size is about all.

3-11-2017 (4)

Marking the wood to cut

So starting with some square basswood, it was ran through the band-saw to cut it in 2 equal pieces. So while in the past I have used a router to remove the wood, I wanted to use a hand rotary tool this time. In some of the videos they said it could be done and I wanted to use the most basic tools for this one. So it will take some time to do the next part using hand tools.

So you will know where I will be today 3-12-2017 if you come a knocking.



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