Eagle Flute Ground-work

So with it being a Monday, I thought it might be time for an up date on how the “eagle flute” is moving along.

As you remember the aromatic ceder wood had a split that occurred when the flute was either transported or as the wood dried it just checked. So it was lucky that the split did not upset the finger holes, as this is a 6 hole flute.


5 hole flute

Yes I know I normally make 5, but why not be a little different?

33-14-2017 (2)A

Adding wood to the flute

So I now have the extra wood drilled and glued in place. It was time to decided as to what I wanted to carve there. So why not carve an eagle head with its mouth open?

3-20-2017 (4)A

the pattern

So the pattern could be transferred to both sides of the flute for aligning, we decided to carve a cardboard (matt-board) template first. So once we had the lines drawn, all we had to do was cut out what part we did not want.


drawing the pattern

Then we just transferred the pattern to the end of the flute. So with a well placed drill to start things off we will be carving the eagle head.


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