Tool making

3-19-2017 (3)

Carving on a flute

Well hello to all of you who stop by here to see what is happening in my shop. In the morning we were out rounding up some parts from the home improvement stores. So with me having this “flute fever” we have been looking at some of the video’s that are out there for you to see.

One flute maker “blue bear flutes” has some exceptional videos that you really need to go see if you think you might want to make a flute or just buy one of his kits to do it yourself.

One of the interesting things is that the holes near the top of the flute need to be square. Now making a square hold can be done many ways, but the way Blue Bear Flutes does it is to burn the holes. So I need to make me a burning tool also.

3-23-2017 (6)A

Making a tool work

So I found an old tool that went in what I think they call a “bit and brace.” Its this crank like thing that used to bore a hole in the wood. Well the bit already has a square shank that will a little metal work would do just fine.

So the hole is supposed to be just 1/4 of an inch. So I cut the shank down to that size and next time I’m in the shop we will heat up the tool and take it for a test run. Of course we need to already have some size hole already drilled. So now we get to play with some fire in a round about way.

3-23-2017 (5)

river cane or bamboo

As luck would have it I found some river cane at the 99 cent stores of all places. So I grabbed a few pieces to take this flute making for a test ride in a different direction. Now I need to go back and watch some videos and take some notes.


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