The New Drill Plastic Box

Well good morning to all, hope you are also having a great day. I decided it was time for some new drills in the workshop, so off to one of the big box stores to get a brand new set. I admit that I had a lot of choices and not being a metal person I did not know which I should choose. I read all of the different packages, asked other customers who looked like a “working class” like me. Where was a salesperson you ask? Well the days of a knowledgeable salesperson are soon going to be the way of a transistor radio.

3-29-2017 (3)A


So with the choices under this thick tamper proof plastic, you could not touch them. So I chose the one that was in my favorite color plastic (red). I also like the words “Shockwave Impact Duty” but the thing that caught my eye the most was the word “metal” in red letters.

So I paid for my purchases, stuffed them into a California outlawed plastic bag and took them home. Well with one of my sharpest carving knives, I finally got the plastic off. Put the 1/2 drill back to where it was supposed to go in the cute little plastic holder.

While it is nice to read the sizes on the right side of the cute little box, the second row (on the left) is right in line with the front row on the left. I bet the person who thought up this design was really proud of it. Myself I think its a bad design.

Now I admit that I use drills in the shop on wood only, with some bamboo thrown in for good measure. But when I need to purchase another set, it won’t be the ones in a red plastic box. In fact I am so unhappy with the design of the box, I won’t tell the name.


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