Bamboo Whistle

Well good morning to everyone, hope you are having a great day. So I do need to thank Charlie Mato-Toyela over at blue bear flutes for all of his videos.  If you have not seen one of his videos, you are missing some good stuff about flute making.

4-6-2017 (7)A

Getting things hot

So while I am not really sure exactly what I am doing yet, I decided to make some small whistles out of the left over pieces of bamboo. Not only does it let me have some practice in making the important part of the flute, who knows maybe someone will want to buy a whistle. In the background of the picture is one of the flutes that were made form the left-overs.

4-6-2017 (9)A

See the smoke, must be some fire

So one of the things I have found in making the whistles, is that a hole drilled first makes the heated piece of metal burn quicker. While I enjoy heating metal up, making a square hole seemed to be the easiest.

4-6-2017 (13)A

the holes are finished

This whistle happens to be made from a piece of bamboo that does not have a node. So I will make a custom plug to made the air follow its path. The plug is made from some left over wood that came from my scrap bin. It will be cut to round with a slight taper on one end to make sure the air does not slip by.

To make the flat area for now I actually grind the area down with a small rotary sander to start with. Then to make a sharp line on the left, I do use a flat screwdriver which I heat up. That gives me my square edge.

4-6-2017 (15)A

Back cutting the bamboo

That same screwdriver is what I use to back-cut the square holes with. Yes I would suppose the screwdriver will never be used as a screwdriver again. Don’t worry I have others including a nice Snap-on set.

So when I have the little whistles done, I plan to sand them sort of smooth and then maybe do some wood burning on them for some decoration.


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