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morning workout

Some bamboo flutes in the works

Well hello, glad you came by for a spell. I thought I would do an update as to what has been happening recently. Here in the Temescal Valley we have had some great T-shirt weather so much of the time has been in the workshop knocking some bamboo around to look like a flute. I again need to thank blue bear flutes for the excellent videos to help us.

4-19-2017 (8)A

Heart shaped bowl

The bowl’s are also moving right along, with some of the early heart bowls ready to be sold. The above one is made from some older avocado wood that I have moved around for too many years. I like the smooth not reflective surface.

3-20-2017 (2)A

Shop taken of tortoise bowl

Now of course the tortoise shell bowl(s) are also moving right along. They are also made out of avocado wood, which has been cut many years ago. So it is very hard to work with. But I am hoping that the work will be rewarded in the end.

4-19-2017 (5)A

Pendant with captive bead

Many word workers accumulate little pieces of wood that you just don’t want to throw away. So I have decided to make some wood jewelry with that wood.  In the above picture you see what I think is walnut wood that I rescued from the fireplace.

I hand sanded it so the edges were thinner than the center and then with ink I added the design. Also in the picture is what I call a “captive bead” that is where I put the ends of the wire. I use “space filling glue” that almost guarantees it will not come apart and maybe injure someone. This above piece most likely will end up on some para cord about 30 inches.

4-19-2017 (1)A

“See through” jewelry

I also have been making what I call “see through” jewelry. The first ones are in a random shape with the center of a cross missing. While these are made with a jig or band saw, you first have to plan ahead to know where you are going to make the cuts. Depending on the type of wood and the grain, you can cut the wood in half and carefully glue the wood back with out much notice. This technique makes it easy to work with the wood, but you have to be alert when you are gluing (not too much, not too little).



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