Small brushes

While I admit that wood carving is my first choice to let my artistic ability (what little there is) run free, I do however like to put down some color from time to time. Of course the weather does have some say in the scheme of things. In the little tin building I do my carving in, does get hot in the 100+ degree days.

So from time to time I find myself putting something on either paper, wood, canvas or maybe glass to fill the need to get the artistic expressions out. So recently I have been experimenting with some small canvas that I found in a box that was almost forgotten.


Paper red splash

I of course first did some sketches on paper. Of which you can see above. From all of the other pencil marks you can tell I am not sure of what I wanted to do. But after having the drawing where I could study it for a while, I then decided to transfer the same images to some canvas.

5-15-2017 (1)A

Red splash in canvas

So here is the “red splash” on canvas, which will be a bit more permanent. I am using some acrylic paint that comes in those little plastic bottles from the craft store. I am not in love with a specific brand, nor would they ever want to sponsor me. In fact some times I like to be anonymous.

5-15-2017 (2)C

Stained glass project

So after I got my brain in the “working on canvas mode” I decided that it wasn’t that bad of medium and went to work on another canvas. For my next one, I will make an attempt to make a painting to look like a stained glass picture. While I have done stained glass in the past, I think making a drawing look like one might be easier to do.



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