Looking, you

You, looking

The Rules: In this story the words that are in this type face is a man talking. The words in this typeface is a woman talking.

I was just a young boy going to a new school where I was a stranger. It was a cold winter day in this new place that I was sent too. As I was finding my place, I happened to open up a wrong door. You were hidden from my view, but I could hear your voice. You were reciting a poem that must have been part of your homework. Your voice was soft and sweet although I could not see you.

I closed the door quickly as the sound of your voice was tempting me to enter the wrong classroom. I was afraid of what might happen if they ever knew it was just your voice I was falling in love with. But on to my classroom, I was still thinking of your words that beckoned me.

I was there in my proper school dress that my Mother had just ironed for me. I somehow knew you were there wanting to come in as I read the lines of the poem we had to memorize. The poem was of the love of things that were big and small. Over the years, I have forgotten who wrote the poem, but it forever stayed in my heart like you did.

I was busy with my studies and the interaction of the pother students. But in those relationships I could still not get your tender words out of my head. I was a student that applied me and soon sports became the sounds that filled my ears. The sounds of being a part of a team that I would be allowed to wear a letterman’s jacket for all to see. Oh the sounds of the excited cheer leaders could not drown out the words you were saying although I could not hear.

My high school hours was filled with many books for me to read. I was told that what I learned from these books I would carry with me the rest of my life. My girlfriends were finding relationships, but I knew you were somewhere waiting for me. For in my heart I could see your image although we had never met yet. The president of my class was taking up lots of my time. But in the darkness of my room, it was your spirit I could feel. Many nights I lay sleepless wonder what you were doing and if you were safe from harm’s way.

It was time for me to leave. Much of the town’s people were there to give us a big send off. But just before I was to get on the bus, I thought I saw you in a crowd. You were wearing a small hat with some hair in your eyes. It was that small seconds that brought back to many memories I had of you in my heart. I knew you would never write me a letter, but maybe you would see some of the pictures I would send home of me in uniform. Perhaps my parents could somehow meet your parents.

I was there in the crowd with some of the other girls when some of their boyfriends were going on the bus. I was looking for you in the group, but you were so excited that you did not look my way. When the bus was going down the road, my hope of seeing you again faded. But for many nights you were in my prayers that you would be safe and come home to find me.

Many years have passed and I have some medals on my uniform. It is now quiet as I return home. My uniform is forever put away and a business man’s clothes are now what I wear. You might not recognize me in my short hair and a few scars that still need to heal. My company is local, but I am the one who is sent on the road. As I go from town to town I still look for you. Setting in the park in the big cities, I listen for your name to be mentioned. But I am sure you have also changed, but your memory in my heart is still strong that first day I listened to your voice.

I am now living in a big city, but I’m a small town girl. The work and everyday life give me little time to look for you. My business suit I wear is different than the comfortable clothes I have left behind. But I still dream of you in the nights especially when it’s raining. In the cold I dream of what it would be like for you to be there to warm me. Perhaps our house would have a fireplace that would give off a glow like our love. But a love that would never go out or dim.

I am now in a big city. I have learned to travel underground like a mole. But I still look for you in the cars that I ride in. I do not see you in the streets as I walk. Sometimes I don’t take the subway in hopes that you will be looking out a store window waiting for me to come by. My search in the dark night clubs do not prove any results. My friends temp me with many of the “down town” girls, but I know you are somewhere still looking for me.

It was a Friday before a holiday and for some reason the car I was riding in was in an accident. But it was you that kept me from being hurt. For at that split second I turned my head as I thought I saw you through a window. As I was pulled from the twisted wreck, I was strapped down for my ride to the hospital. The attendant said “e must of turned his head at just the right time.”

I was there in the crowd when they removed the bodies form the subway. Some were already covered, but some were not. I was far back in the crowd as I could not loot at the tragedy. I felt sorry for the people and in my heart wondered if you were one of them. In coming day’s I was one of the volunteers at the hospital. I was in the ward with the accident victims that were on life support. If course with the bandages covering the wounds it was hard to tell who they were.

Soon I could not take control of my emotions and I had to leave my work at the hospital. But they were all in my prayers that they would heal and go home to the loved ones who were waiting for their return.

I recovered from the accident in some time. It did not go fast enough for me, but I often wondered if you were there with me when I could not see you. They gave me some therapy and soon I was as good a new, but with a few more scars. Even in the hospital when I was able I was still looking for you. They would wheel me into the waiting areas where I would listen for your voice. I know your must have changed like I did, so I would not see your face.

With the tragedy of the subway accident I decided that I did not need to travel underground. So I took a walk-up near my work. It was good that I was getting out into the sun and I was still looking for you. In my dreams we were still doing things as a couple. I could feel you muscular arms around me, I could feel you breath as you whispered in my ear and I still prayed that through all of the time you were safe and would find me someday.

After the experience of the subway accident, my company said I should use a taxi in the future. So with my briefcase I was usually in the back seat of the cab. But over time I became friends with the drivers and soon was in the front seat. But little did I know that one final tragedy would be in my life. This day I forgot my wallet and my briefcase as I was riding.

It was a sunny day, so the walk to the market where I had store credit was a good idea. I left my wallet home and took off for the market in my house coat. I was only going to be gone a short time so I did not lock my door or take a key. Little did I know I would be the one in an accident?

The police came and investigated the accident. According to a witness the cab was stopped at the. curb. then this city bus ran a red light and hit the taxi. The poor person in the passenger’s seat went out through the window and hit a lady on the sidewalk.    

Of course both of them did not survive the crash, but the coroner listed both of them as John and Jane Doe.  Funny thing he did say to the newspapers, they both have a happy smile on their faces.



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