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Diamond T

Diamond T

I suppose having a holiday on a Thursday is a good thing. I gives you some time to clean up the house and recover from all of the taste tempting food you just had to try. For those who will also take a Friday off, it will be a long weekend. For the people who have some kind of a hobby, it will be a good time to get more of the hobby done.

Of course you can also relax in front of the television. Put your feet up and find your favorite channel, which is what I call “recharging your battey’s.” It is always good for your body to rest & why not watch something that is interesting?

But for some the holiday is just like any regular day. They are the persons who actually look out for us. Police, Fire, Doctors are just 3 of the first to come to my mind. Countless persons who keep the stores open, keep the restaurants open and are involved in a 7 day week business.

The truck drivers who are on the interstate moving what we will buy next week, who will be eating their turkey at some truck stop instead of with their family. My dear sweet aunt Elizabeth, who would drive about 50 miles to have dinner with us. She said “I always get behind a trucker to show me the way to your house.”

So here is a “Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.”


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