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This thing called abstract

The creation of abstract art can be a conscious or unconscious movement. Many times artists which start out with a blank canvas and many times have no preconceived idea as to what images will be there. I would suppose the … Continue reading

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The day before

I suppose having a holiday on a Thursday is a good thing Continue reading

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Looking, you

You, looking The Rules: In this story the words that are in this type face is a man talking. The words in this typeface is a woman talking. I was just a young boy going to a new school where … Continue reading

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The house where I was born

I often think about the house where I was born. The grey concrete steps and the large brick fireplace. About the dining room so convenient to the kitchen with its bright yellow linoleum floor. Little did I know the path … Continue reading

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Small brushes

While I admit that wood carving is my first choice to let my artistic ability (what little there is) run free, I do however like to put down some color from time to time. Of course the weather does have … Continue reading

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Putting it together

Well hello, glad you came by for a spell. I thought I would do an update as to what has been happening recently. Here in the Temescal Valley we have had some great T-shirt weather so much of the time … Continue reading

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Bamboo Whistle

Well good morning to everyone, hope you are having a great day. So I do need to thank Charlie Mato-Toyela over at blue bear flutes for all of his videos.  If you have not seen one of his videos, you … Continue reading

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